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Finding balance in the body, mind and spirit - Part 1

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

A few days ago, podcaster and health coach Ashdin Doctor, interviewed our founder, Daniel Lobo. We really appreciate that ‘The Habit Coach’ is creating a space for these important conversations. It’s important for aspects like mental health to be discussed openly.

In September, BecauseYOU is focussing on the theme of ‘Balancing Your Life’. For some it is balancing work, family and play, for others it is balancing the left and right sides of their brain or body. And for someone else, balance is to fall down, get hurt, and yet pick themselves right up and keep moving forward.

Excerpts from Daniel and Ashdin’s conversation relevant for anyone seeking to find balance.

'When you keep your mental health as your first priority, it is guaranteed to impact every other aspect of your lives. One of the main things we talk about when we talk about mental health is Wholeness - the integration of the Mind, Body and Spirit. If you take care of all of these, there will be a marked difference in how you show up.

Body: All the things you do for your physical wellbeing - yoga, exercise, sleep, hydration.

Mind: The things you do to stay centered, creating your own boundaries, taking regular breaks, deepening self awareness, understanding what triggers you etc.

Spirit: The things that move you - prayer, meditation, belief in a higher power or feeling connected to the purpose in your life which may be your work or family.

How are the body and mind connected?

As a culture we’ve known that the body and mind impact each other. Research has shown that any trauma you face as a human being is stored in your body and shows up at different points. Your body always gives you signals, you just need to listen. For eg. when you're anxious, your breath getting shorter, shoulders feeling heavy and tight. Sometimes you don't feel like getting out of bed. These are all signs that your body is giving you that something is not right. When you tune into those feelings, you will realise something's wrong. Working with your body, understanding what you might need at that moment, will help you clear your mind, stop overthinking, control your moods etc. What are you feeling or thinking and how is your body reacting to what you are feeling or thinking?

Then there is the reverse relationship as well - body to mind. Studies show a huge correlation between exercise and mental health. Getting out for a walk in the sun or a good workout will always make you feel better.

And what about food?

The gut is called the second brain. If you feel in your gut that something is wrong, then probably it is. The digestive system not being well hugely impacts moods and our mental health. And the other way too. When you’re not mentally well, it affects your digestive system. We've known for centuries about the benefits of clean eating and plant-based diets, they are not fads. Junk food and processed foods have an adverse effect on your moods in the long run.'

To explore how food can be a healing force in your life, sign up for our upcoming workshop on The Gut and Mental Health by holistic health coach Mariam Begg.

To listen to the entire interview on The Habit Coach podcast, click here.

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