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Our purpose is to place mental healthcare at the centre to unleash creativity and wisdom into the world

Our mission is to create a safe, trusting mental health community with our wholeness and holistic approach to life. We support individuals in the process of self-discovery and unleashing their potential amongst a community of peers. 

We believe that everyone can live a full life, irrespective of emotional distress - if we have the right support and belief in ourselves. BecauseYOU has that belief in each person we work with. 

For Organizations


We work with organizations in two main areas


Creating a culture of psychological safety


This involves engagement with the leadership team, mental health skill development workshops across all levels of the organization, and internal communications and campaigns. A comprehensive culture shifting offering.



 Trauma response for first responders


For NGOs/social enterprises working in communities where teams are faced with severe psychological issues from their beneficiaries. We’ve created a unique experiential trauma informed approach that supports your team to take care of their own mental health in difficult circumstances. 

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