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ZENtangle. A meditative art form for mental health wellbeing

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Over the past few years, Zentangle art has gained widespread popularity – for its artistic aesthetic value, and more importantly, for its positive impact on wellbeing. Here, we help you understand what Zentangle art really is, and why it’s everybody’s cup of tea!

What is Zentangle Art?

A meditative art form that was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in 2003. Zentangle art involves the creation of repeated intricate patterns with dots,

lines, curves, and orbs, which are drawn on small pieces of paper called ‘tiles’. Many tiles are then brought together to make a mosaic. Zentangle art results in deceptively complex and beautiful designs – but, the art form itself is very simple, and can be learned very easily!

What Are the Rules of Zentangle Art?

The best part about Zentangle art is that it is relatively free of stringent rules, structures, and

expectations. The art is considered non-representational. The objective of Zentangle art is to immerse yourself in the process by pouring your concentration into each pen stroke, and line.

The only real rule here is to not hurry the process, and to keep going. You can make it

monochromatic, use colours, flip your art upside down midway… it’s all up to you. The secret of the beautiful Zentangle patterns lies in the journey.

Does Zentangle Art Really Help?

Over the years, there has been ample empirical scientific evidence suggesting that Zentangle art really does help. Given that it is meditative in nature, it confers comparable benefit as other meditative art forms. The benefits of Zentangle art have been recorded in alleviating stress, enhancing positive affect, increasing wellbeing, and so on. It has also served to enhance confidence, and fostered a sense of connection and community.

In fact, Zentangle art has also been shown to be an effective self-care modality among trauma therapists!

Who Can Make Zentangle Art?

Literally, anybody. There is no pre-requisite of artistic skills for you to reap the benefits of Zentangle art. If you have some paper, a nice black marker, (you don’t even need an eraser), and the drive to de-stress, you can engage in Zentangle art.

*All images are from Wangyal's collection!

Sign up here. Zentangle: Meditative Art with Damko Wangyal, is the first of our series of BecauseYOU community workshops that's also open to the general public. The first workshop is from 6pm - 7.30pm on April 11. It will be run by Damko Wangyal, a Tibetan facilitator, and gifted stone art and Zentangle artist. Stay tuned for more workshops and follow us on Instagram for future workshops!

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