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Introduction to Somatic Healing

This course can no longer be booked.

Zoom Sessions

Understanding the body's role in mental health.

Workshop Details

Workshop Details 25 June ; 5pm - 6:30pm IST ; INR 700 20% Early Bird Discount till 2 June; Use Coupon Code BYOU20 How can you regulate your emotions using your body? Chances are you already have a relationship with the body when it comes to your emotions. Are you able to tell you’re nervous when your stomach has butterflies? Scared when your heartbeat quickens? Tired when your shoulders feel heavy? The body is always communicating our feelings to us — so how can we learn to listen? We’ll explore the role of the body in mental health, and discuss the relationship between the brain and physical wellbeing. This is an experiential workshop with a range of techniques anyone can practise. You’ll learn how to listen more closely to the body's intelligence, and new ways to regulate your nervous systems to manage emotions using the body. Note: If you're joining from outside India, the price is USD 15. Please reach out to and we'll share a separate payment link. Sheena Maria Piedade ● Certified Mindfulness-Based Counselor and founder of Mindful and Body ● Artist, writer, educator and trauma-informed facilitator

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  • 700 Indian rupees
  • Zoom
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