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Meeting your Inner Wise Guide

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Oct 9 ; 5.30pm - 7pm We live in an environment of uncertainty and change. The boundary between the personal and professional seems to be even more blurred. And the pressure to perform in all areas of life seems to have increased. It is natural for us to feel lost during these times. We can start to second-guess our choices, feel unsure about our decisions and our abilities, and even question our worth. How do we show up for ourselves during such times? Meet the Inner Guide. The Inner Guide is a part within us; it is the wise inner voice that can help us navigate through difficult situations and important decisions. It does that by helping us connect to our core inner strengths. Maybe you’ve even met it earlier- think of moments where you “intuitively” knew what you wanted to do in a tricky situation! This wise inner voice is present for each of us and can look different for each of us. Through this workshop, we will use creative practices and tools that help us discover this guide and start to understand how we can use it to support us. Anusha Manjani - A trauma-informed psychotherapist with over 9 years of experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology and is trained in somatic, mindfulness and art-based therapies. - Through her private practice in Mumbai, she aims to create a safe, compassionate space to work with individuals and couples with diverse needs and psychological vulnerabilities.

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