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Mindsets for Mental/Physical Wellbeing

REGISTRATIONS CLOSED! 2 sessions ; Facilitator : Maurelle D'sa

Workshop Details

There are 4 factors that contribute to an individual's health – genetics, environment, health care, and behaviour. However, behaviour accounts for roughly 50% of a person’s overall health status. It is therefore important to dedicate resources - time, effort, and finances towards modifying the factor that is the most easily changed and within our control! These workshops help guide individuals towards valuing their health, identifying motivations to change based on threats to their current health, exploring new behaviours that reduce the threat and improve health status. ● Session 1: Identifying goals for health behavior change and motivations for change. ● Session 2: Identifying barriers and challenges to health behavior changes, and learning to respond to them in less self-defeating ways. Note: These are NOT designed to give you exercise/diet plans. Maurelle D'Sa ● Co-Founder of GRIT Sport & Exercise Psychology, a mental health consultancy that works on integrating high performance and mental wellbeing. ● Master of Science in Psychology of Sport and Exercise from Loughborough University, U.K.

  • 1,200 Indian rupees
  • Online Sessions

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