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Perfectionism and the Inner Critic

SOLD OUT! Work with your inner critic in a healthy, compassionate way

Workshop Details

Sept 4 ; 12pm - 1:30pm Do you pride yourself on working the hardest, doing the most, and never giving up until every detail is to your satisfaction? Or do you sometimes feel inadequate, and find yourself comparing your accomplishments with your peers and friends? In this workshop, we’ll navigate the messages we send ourselves when it comes to work, and the feelings that emerge from these messages. We’ll learn how to meet perfectionism, imposter syndrome and self doubt, and begin to explore where self-belief and self acceptance come from. By beginning to befriend the inner critic, we’ll embark on a more compassionate relationship with ourselves, in and outside the workplace. Sheena Maria Piedade ● Certified Mindfulness-Based Counselor and founder of Mindful and Body ● Artist, writer, educator and trauma-informed facilitator

  • Ended
  • 600 Indian rupees
  • Online Sessions

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