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Somatic Intelligence™

Registrations CLOSED!2 sessions ; July 10, 17 ; Facilitator : Zia Nath

Workshop Details

Somatic Intelligence™️ as the name suggests taps into the intelligence of our soma (body). The body has a refined higher intelligence that is primal and self-organises for maximum health. This therapeutic process brings us to the sensory experience in our body which informs us of patterns & imprints held in our system. We learn the “sensile” language of our body - our body communicates with us through sensations, it’s a primal, non verbal process. By tapping in to the intelligence of our body, we are able to resolve deep states of imbalance, pain, trauma, grief & stress. By understanding the signals of our body, we can self-regulate, co-regulate and build better resiliency. Day 1 Focus: July 10 : 6pm - 7.30pm Understating the dynamics of - sources of energy - biological process of homeostasis & allostasis - discovering our personal homeostasis graph and how to improve it for better daily self regulation. Day 2 Focus: July 17 : 12pm - 1.30pm IST We learn to recognize our stress boundaries and how to expand them, build better resiliency by understanding & working with - proprioception - interception Our body is a reservoir of dynamic intelligence. It's resourceful to tap into it! Zia Nath ● Natural healthcare practitioner and Founder of the first clinic in India to specialize in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. ● Passionate about using movement as a form of centering oneself. Founder of Realms of Dance™️ that brings together sacred dances India & Central Asia

  • Ended
  • 2,000 Indian rupees
  • Online Sessions

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