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The Gut and Mental Health

This course can no longer be booked.

Explore how food can be a healing force in your life

Workshop Details

Sept 18 ; 5.30pm - 7pm Have you heard of these sayings -- 'Trust your gut' or 'your gut instinct' but never think too much of it right? This is actually very true and yes, the gut is our second brain. Understanding the workings of the gut - brain connection can be so helpful in deconstructing your health issues For me its a simple connection .The gut and the brain work in tandem with each other If we eat foods that are not nourishing or are damaging to our gut our moods ,focus and general well-being will get affected and similarly if we are anxious and stressed our guts cannot process , digest or absorb foods however good they are for us. In this workshop we will be addressing the following:- - Understanding the mind-gut connection and what we may be doing wrong in our diets that have a direct effect on our mental well-being. - Deconstructing dysbiosis and learning how to balance the microbiome - Nourish & Heal the gut by focusing on a plant-based diet - Healing the body cleanse & detoxify , creating a healthy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption - Boost immunity to start managing and eventually reversing all kinds of conditions from acidity , digestive distress to anxiety , depression , diabetes and even Alzheimer's & cancer - Learning that being kinder to our guts will be so much easier for us to be healthier, happier and more energised Mariam Begg - A holistic nutritionist, certified health coach and founder of Mari B Wellness. - Passionate about the healing properties of food, locally sourced foods and a systemic approach to good eating for a wholesome life.

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