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Yoga at Home

Cope with COVID

 FREE Workshops in May & June 

COVID fatigue is real!


Let's deal with this together.

Acknowledge and process your emotions, focus on self-care and connect with others.

Saturdays 5pm IST

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Sessions Offered

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Damko Wangyal

Meditative Art Using ZENtangle

Reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, deal with anxiety and enhance confidence.

Beautiful Landscape

Binita Modi

Nature Therapy - Connect with Nature


Boost growth and wellbeing by finding connection to the earth and nature. Even when you're in a big city!

Romana Shaikh

I am BecauseYOU are


Open listening space to step back, acknowledge and process your emotions. Normalise what's going on, you are not alone.

Group Therapy

Vipul Shaha

Mindfulness in everyday life

Living in the present, tools to use mindfulness in everyday life to feel at ease.

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