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Caregivers, you superheroes!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The biggest reason that I'm stable and thriving today (that's subjective, I know!), is my wife. When our lives were upended five years ago by my bipolar disorder diagnosis, she stepped up beautifully and has constantly been my mirror.

This World Mental Health Day, I thought I'd focus on the pivotal role of caregivers in the journey of someone dealing with a mental health issue. And share some personal reflections.

Tough love. Keeping the bar high.

There were months when I was a shadow of my usual cheerful, funny self. Poor world. Jokes apart, there were days when having a shower or going into work became a slog. For a type A personality like myself, not being able to do such stuff was extremely frustrating and I'd beat myself up daily about it.

In stepped my heroine (without the horse though - that's only for the films). She held me to high standards sometimes, and would push me to take tiny, baby steps. Like literally, a walk in the building premises was a HUGE win on some days and she made me celebrate it (even though I didn't think it was a big deal). On other days, when I didn't (couldn't) move from bed to have a shower despite all her efforts, she showed her compassionate side and said, 'that's alright, we will deal with these days together. Let's try again tomorrow.'

Her beautiful dance of showing tough love on some days with being empathetic and letting me be on other days, still plays a big role in my life.