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Celebrating Community

Sudhan Ramesh is a BecauseYOU community member based in Chennai. Below are his reflections starting 2022 with an intention and on the role of community in a person's journey.

A realisation one morning when I was waking up, thoughts about the new year, on the hope that it's supposed to bring. Clichéd resolutions? Something struck me, that I should strive to build myself from the inside out and I knew then I will not be able to do it alone. I need help, I need support, I need feedback. I need to be better than who I am, not to accomplish anything, but just to be better and kind to myself.

What better way to do that, than having a community that you can call your own, who would be there for you, not just to support you and lend a ear to listen to you, but grow and get nourished together, to feel the presence and cherish the serene beauty of what life has to offer in myriad forms and experiences, and that realisation that morning, to me, is the true meaning of living life.

I see myself sitting alone

meaningless stare at nothing

Deluge of wandering thoughts

A wary view of the blabber

Search for a silver lining

Among the greys, in and out

Gusts of helplessness

Wisps of reconciliations

Why a pattern so taxing