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A Gentle Reminder: This Crisis WILL Pass

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

When a crisis hits, it may feel like life will never be better again. When people say it will change, it sounds like a lie. Well, crises do change lives - but does change always have to be bad?

TW // Self-Harm

As I write this post from a lovely café located in a Goan village, breathing calmness after what seems like a million years, I am a testament to the unavoidable truth that the ripples of crisis recede sooner or later. I request you (the one in crisis at the moment) to hold yourself tight as the waves crash you and into you and give yourself a chance; stay, survive, flap your wings, tire out, cry, scream, break, feel the intensity of your pain. You are allowed to feel everything. Feel - but don’t lose hope.

This time last month, I was barely making it through the day without a panic attack; the month before that, I was taking whatever I could to get a few hours of sleep in a week, before that I was stabbing myself in the leg to ‘see’ the pain, and sometime before that, I found myself in an unknown hotel off the grid. You get the picture. Through this time, I have learnt that a crisis doesn’t come alone, it brings in its army. Every wound since childhood activates, every insecurity, every fear, every loss, the agony of what one doesn’t have and what one has – all of it merges into what feels like a giant iron ball that hits the heart and the mind every second of every day. One feels bruised at a time when one needs energy the most. It’s all true. It is that bad. Trust me, I hear you.

In all of this, I was fortunate to have found a silver lining.